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Unlimited Yoga Classes for just $20.00 per week!


Our easy installment Local’s Yoga Pass is perfect for anyone wanting to practice yoga a minimum of twice each week!

The Local’s Yoga Pass!
Yoga Pass gives access to all the yoga classes on the timetable for a rate of $20 per week. No need to book, just arrive 15mins prior to class time. You will be issued a membership keytag as your Yoga Pass ID.

The opening special of $20 per week is valid until May 14th, 2012. (After which the standard rate of $22/wk applies).

Making Payment
The $20 per week is billed monthly via direct debit at $86/month, minimum of 12 payments. You can choose to pay from either a bank account or from a credit card and there are no transaction fees as Yoga Space Gippsland takes care of this for you. If you go away or need a break, you can suspend your payments!

Secure your Rate!
Once you join on the Local’s Yoga Pass, you will remain on the same rate for as long as you continue to be a member! Even if you suspend, the rate is un-affected. Yep, you could be paying $20 per week for yoga – forever!  Yeah!

0498 378 387 Address: Level 1, 267 Raymond Street, Sale VIC