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Principle 6:  Think Less, Be More.

‘Once you learn the mechanics of a pose – what goes where, what rotates which way, as so on – the only thing left is to get your brain out of the way and just relax into it. You can psyche yourself in or out of anything, not to mention think a pose to death.  Analysis paralysis is the ego’s way of keeping you rooted in your intellect rather than your spirit.  But when you drop your brain, you actually give your body and soul a chance to shine. Acro-dynamically, a bumblebee should not be able to fly.  But bumblebees don’t know that, so they just do it. They open there wings and take off, oblivious to the fact that their round little bodies weren’t designed for flight. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all like bumblebees, unaffected by beliefs in our limitations?…  When you let go mentally, there is a shift physically. Doubt your doubts and they vanish. Feel your fears and they fade. Let go of your worries and they fail to materialise.  What will it take for us to really get it that life is about letting go?’

(Pg 37 & 38. Journey into Power, Baron Baptiste. Fireside Edition 2002)


Any philosophy is just lovely words until we put it into action.  Baron could not be more correct – what will it take for is to realise life is about letting go? We have all heard stories of those on their death bed who wanted to make peace with the past and heal rifts in relationships before they leave this world.  Why does it take a crisis for us to drop our stories, drop our judgments and realise that letting go is the key to true health, wellbeing, and happiness?  Decide right now what you are holding on to that is making you sick, angry or stagnant in some way… What needs to happen in order for you to let go?  Who do you need to speak to?  Who do you need to forgive?  What if the person that needs your love the most – is YOU? Practice self-love on your yoga mat, and soon – as if by magic – all else will fall in to place.  See you on the mat.  ~ Deb Langley

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