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Principle 5:  In order to heal you need to feel.

‘The real irony of spiritual growth is that instead of being some miraculous experience, it feels a lot more like going to pieces.  As soon as we open ourselves and our lives up to being healed, suddenly all kinds of unpleasant feelings come to the surface.  We experience fear, disappointment, shame, even rage – certainly not the rosy, glowing epiphanies they promised in the brochure! If you ask for wisdom or higher virtues, know that they only come through trials and tribulations.  If you ask for inner peace, God will send you a storm in which to practice and cultivate inner peace. We get what we want through practice… You can stay stagnant in your comfort zone on or of the mat, but in order to transform yourself and gain wisdom you need to go through the fire, walk on hot coals, travel through the desert of your own mind, and come through on the other side transformed.  In order to heal we need to feel.  We spend our lives stuffing down emotional and physical injuries, but these wounds don’t really disappear.  Cellular memory is a powerful thing, and deep within all of us is a record of every feeling we tried to suppress, every emotional scar we keep buried, every physical ailment we thought was healed. To truly heal from the inside out, this psychic debris must be bought to the surface so it can be released.’

(Pg 37 & 38. Journey into Power, Baron Baptiste. Fireside Edition 2002)


Baron speaks of a truth known to many of us on the path to permanent healing!  Right when we decide we are ready to change, it is like our comfort zones are blasted out of the water! Our nerves are tested; our relationships are tested, our very commitment to the path of healing is tested.  The good news is, this period of experience – which may be uncomfortable – will be worth it.  In my role as a yoga teacher, I have met countless students who come to the mat to heal physical injuries, experience inner peace, or simply ‘get rid of’ aches and pains.  What unfurls is always a fascinating path…unexpected tears in a pose or in shavasana; niggly injuries seemingly getting ‘worse’, aches and pains gaining severity in their symptoms!  IN ORDER TO HEAL, WE NEED TO FEEL.  That is all that is happening.  Let go of your pre-conceived ideas of what healing looks and feels like, and instead, practice ‘shraddha’ – FAITH.   Have faith that the universe has heard your request for peace and healing, and is delivering you the EXACT amount of medicine required to effect permanent transformation.  We are all in this together – see you on the mat.  ~ Deb Langley

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