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Principle 4:  Exceed yourself to find your exceeding self.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten.  It’s that simple.  If you really want to grow beyond where you are, to change your habits, your body, your mind, and / or your life, you need to exceed yourself.  To find the authentic you buried inside, you need to tread into new territory.  The new frontiers are within us; the real stretch is internal…  The irony of exceeding yourself is that it usually happens after you’ve perceived failure.  The moment when you believe you have no more energy or capability, when you are certain you have to give up, is when you experience the most profound breakthroughs… In a challenging yoga practice, you do your nest poses when you are near exhaustion, because you just don’t have the strength to resist change.  On a certain level you finally surrender: not to defeat, but to the sustaining power of the universe that propels you forward…’

(Pg 36 & 37. Journey into Power, Baron Baptiste. Fireside Edition 2002)


This one of my favourite principles for deepening a yoga practice, because it is so true!!  Think about the times in life when you were so tired, the thought of doing the most menial task seemed massive but you did it and surprised yourself with your efficiency; or the day you dragged yourself to the yoga mat for a practice even though you didn’t want to, only to discover a secret pool of energy that supported you through a strong & sweaty practice that surpassed your expectations!   This is where it is at.  At teacher training Bootcamps with Baron he always says, “be up to something BIG”….”be a YES”.  I hear this and it constantly blows my mind that we have the capacity to be so much grander in our intention and our actions than we give ourselves credit for.  If you are reading this, make a decision right now as to WHO you want to BE.  How will that look on the mat?  What poses will you tackle that previously you checked out of?  Go on, exceed yourself to find your exceeding self… ~Deb.

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