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Principle 2:  Be in the now, and you’ll know how.

‘When you tune in to the present moment, you reign your focus back in from the distractions happening around you. When you make this directional shift from paying outward attention to inward attention, you can really hear what your body is telling you. Your body communicates with you through a language we all understand. It’s called sensation. Hearing your body’s voice brings you into the here and now. Are you experiencing pain? Are you having trouble maintaining asteady flow of breath? (A sign that you have gone too far and crossed your edge into overwhelm). What adjustments do you need in order to make the pose more comfortable for you, to make it work? When you are in the now, a world of options opens up to you. If you are in the now, you will know exactly how far to go, when to push, and when to surrender.’

(Pg 34. Journey into Power, Baron Baptiste. Fireside Edition 2002)


As both a student and a teacher of yoga, it is most common that a conversation around injury comes up. Many times I have heard, or read, that ‘yoga causes injuries’. This is not my belief, nor my experience. Ego combined with not being present is often the root cause of an injury during practice. In Principle 2, Baron makes it clear that we can only make healthy choices in poses when we are present! Take it a step further; “I am present, I have found my edge in this pose, but I really want to nail the advanced option, so I give it a go, despite my body sensation saying I am at my edge” … Then BANG. Injury. The most powerful thing we can do in a practice is surrender the ego. How about noticing your drive to ‘do better’ and then chose patience as you journey towards more advanced modifications. Be compassionate when working with an injury, or if you are feeling low in energy. Our yoga practice is a tool to enhance our wellness, and provides a vehicle for self-enquiry so that we may better understand ourselves. When armed with the knowledge of what drives us, only then can we make conscious powerful choices and live free of past conditioning. – Deb Langley

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