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$2510 Days Yoga

10 Consecutive Days Yoga*

Unlimited Classes

Try out Different Teachers

Available to First Time Students Only

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$24per week

Unlimited Yoga Classes

Billed $104/month

Minimum 12 Month Membership

$10 Suspension fee for monthly blocks

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* Extend your $25 Intro Offer with a further unlimited month for $75! Must be purchased during your first 10 days.

Unlimited Yoga Passes

Regular Concession*
1 Month $175 $157.50
6 Months $695 $625.50
12 Months $1045 $940.50

Casual Yoga Passes

Regular Concession*
Single Visit $21 $18.90
10 Visit - 3 month expiry $180 $162
20 Visit - 6 month expiry $300 $270

Our Purchase Tips!

1.  Take up the $25 for 10 consecutive days on your first visit and come to as many classes as you can!

2.  If you fluctuate between practicing once or twice per week, a 10 or 20 class pass is cost effective.

3.  If you intend on a steady practice of 2 or 3 times per week, our unlimited memberships are your best value. Check out the Local’s Yogi Pass at $24 per week unlimited yoga!