+Are the classes suitable for beginners?

Classes labeled ‘Basics’ and ‘All Levels’ on  the timetable are open to beginners.. It is common for each class to have a mix of new and regular participants, and we appreciate that this can be daunting for some of our new faces!  Each month we offer an “Intro to Power Vinyasa” workshop and HIGHLY RECOMMEND new participants book in!  During this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of alignment and breath, and teach the ‘sun salutation’ sequence of poses so you feel confident when you step into class!

+What if I have injuries?

Our bodies are energy in motion and a constant work in progress… As our lives evolve, so do our bodies.  Injuries can come and go, and it is healthy to connect with the concept that ‘nothing lasts forever’. There is the old adage ‘use it or lose it’, and when appropriate it is a good thing to get movement back to the site of an injury to release the trauma and assist recovery.

Regular yoga practice can be beneficial for blood pressure concerns, arthritis, muscular tightness, recovery from broken / fractured bones and soft tissue injuries. Many yoga postures can me modified, however, we recommend speaking to one of our teachers prior to class to see if the style is suitable. If you are experiencing chronic pain or severe injury please provide details via the Contact Us page, and we will respond as to the safety of attending the classes at this time.

Of course we encourage you to be medically cleared to exercise, and we respect the advice provided by your chosen medical professional.

+Is the room heated?

Our style of Power Vinyasa Yoga is practiced in a warm room, heated to approximately 25 degrees. Our bodies like to move in warmth – especially in winter months (!) – and participants enjoy the ease in which the muscular body becomes more pliable.  The nature of this style of yoga is that we heat the body from the inside out, and the room temperature encourages the sweat process which allows toxicity to be released form the cellular body.

+What do I wear?

Clothes that you can move easily in and are close-fitting, (loose t-shirts may be annoying when moving through some postures).  The room is warm, singlets and shorts may be worn.

+What do I need to bring?

  • Towel (bath-size is best!)
  • Waterbottle  (water tap in studio, and coconut water for sale)
  • Yoga mat (available for hire for $2)
  • Shoes are taken off prior to entering the studio space.

+Do I need to book?

Our classes are drop in, no need to book.  We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class start time.

+What if I'm running late?

The studio door will be closed and locked during classes, and hence late arrivals will unfortunately be unable to attend class.